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    Default can someone give me advice

    I am looking to go to couples swept away in the middle of Jan, however, I have read mixed reviews about it. Me and my fiance are 24 and want to make sure this is the right scene for us. Is the atmosphere geared more towards older married couples or mixed to attract both. Is there an activities team that organizes things during the day such as games, volyball and drinking games? Also, from some photos I have seen it looks as if the resort is warn down. some photos made everythign look like it needed paint and updating. Please advise I would love to go here just want to make sure its everything I hope for

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    We went to CSA in November. We are in our 40s, and are a very active couple. The age groups are mixed from young to old. You will certainly have people in your age group. There are many activities going on during the day. They don't come and look for you, but they are listed and if you would like to join, you can. There is plenty to do in the evening as well. Its not a wild scene. its a romnatic resort, and you could be as active as you want. Definetely there are activities to support that. There is also a beautiful sports complex. The resort itself is absolutely beautiful. Not worn down at all. Rooms are not plush, but there is something very special about their island feel. I would highly recommend this resort. I don't think you would be disappointed. It is the best all inclusive resort we have been to, and such a nice place for "couples".

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