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    Default Transferring Introducing Seandymon! (you can do this too)

    Hello testers! Thanks so much for doing this. I just wanted to take a second to explain to you what I have done. In about two week when we fully launch the new message board you will no longer be able to post on threads from the old site. Unless, you do what I have just done. I have taken a thread from the old MB and started a new thread with the same name "Introducing Seandymon" on the new board. I copied and pasted the first and last post from the old board so as to be able to continue the conversation. ***NOTE: there is a 10,000 word limit per thread. Just copying and pasting an entire thread from the old MB will take up most of this and not allow a lot of new posts, so first and last post is probably best) See below!

    Just starting a new thread is preferable, but if there is a thread that has really high activity then you can try this as well.

    Hello all you crazy couplesoholics!

    I am Randymon's son; my name is Sean Russell, thus the name Seandymon. I'm in the Florida office for awhile with Dad and the rest of the team, working with David in the mailroom, helping Irie I (Ivonna) with some reports Dad wants, assisting Tequila and Sharie and helping moderate the message board for a while.

    I just wanted to introduce myself to you all, as I am sure we will be communicating through this wonderful MB.

    A little about myself: I have been acting professionally for 20 years, and that is my main career (I am currently up for a part on Burn Notice). I am very excited to be working for such a great place as Couples Resorts.

    I went to CN with my girlfriend in 2007, and had a blast. We have so many great stories from that trip, but one that still makes me laugh is this: We swam up to the bar one day and a friendly couple asked, "Have you tried a Bob Marley? You have to try a Bob Marley!" They proceeded to tell us that there was only one rule, that once we started drinking we couldn't stop. So, the drink was placed in front of us with two straws, and my girlfriend and I started drinking, but very quickly I realized that my gf was only pretending to drink, and that I had to down a double bob marley...without stopping. Needless to say, I don't remember much of the afternoon after that! Don't be fooled into drinking it, lol. Anyway, we will be returning to Jamaica at CSA soon with my best friend and his girlfriend, and we can't wait.

    I know all of you are counting down the days till your next trip, and I know exactly why...its a wonderful place. I look forward to moderating and chatting with you all.


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    Rdyjmjm Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 - 08:38 pm:


    In order to wear an April Fools hat like dad we have to get you to CN to PAR TAA with us April Fools. Sounds like a plan to work on.

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