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    Default Romance Rewards Candles/Oil

    Have you gotten this? Did you get a candle or oil or both?

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    I chose the candles and oil last trip. It was a little coconut bowl with a small bottle of massage oil and a candle. both had the couples logo on it. It was cute but I will not get it again, because I get a lot of use out of my Couples T-shirts.

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    We got a small candle and a small bottle of oil packed in a coconut shell. It was nice, but we went for the t-shirt the next time.

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    You get both a travel candle in a little metal tin and a bottle of massage oil.
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    We received both a bottle of massage oil and a candle. enjoy

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    we received both when we selected that as our RR option.


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    Yes, you get both in a little gift set. It's a votive candle and a small bottle of oil. But that was a few trips ago - since then we've gotten the t-shirts.
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    You get a sm. candle & little bottle of scented oil for it.

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    We got it in January. It is a 3 or 4 inch pillar candle and a couple ounce bottle of oil. We love the oil for the winter - it is absolute magic on dry winter skin.

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