A group of 4 couples decided to try CTI again, being there previously in 2004, to see the renovations, we usually go to CN every Dec.
If that had been my first trip to Couples, based on my check-in experience, I wouldn't be back. The check in procedure was very rushed, the girl, I didn't get her name wasn't very friendly, felt like I was in a cattle call or something. I had her asking me something, Ricardo asking something, and the bell boy asking me to show him my luggage, all at the same time! I think I may have lost it and was like whoa, one at a time and the bellboy was the only one that said, sorry,ma'am,please take your time, i will wait! As I was getting up to leave, I asked Ricardo, what was open for dinner that night and he curtly replied, it's all in your packet, that was not the answer I was looking for!! I could have understood it, if there was a whole roomfull of waiting guests, but there was only us 4 couples who all our friends! I definitely did not feel like a pampered gueat, especially,after being a couples guest 6 times and recommending all my friends, who have also went there based on my recommendations !!
Good things, the staff was excellent and had a great time with them! I look forward to getting to know them and more about Jamaican life and culture.
Also, I had an ongoing knee problem that worsened with travel and everyone was very helpful, nurses, servers, ent. staff, etc. A special little boy, Otis, checked on me every day to see if I needed anything or if he could help me. Thank you very much Otis, I looked for you before I left, but they all said you weren't at work yet!!
Also, a big Thank You to Sherief, Roger and Dillon for allowing and making special accomadations for me to take the glass bottom boat tour, as with my knee injuries, I wasn't capable of doing any of the normal activities I usually partake in!

I'm not saying I won't go back, but if I did, the reason would be the majority of the staff's warmth. I definitely prefer the beach at CN. I know this long, but we had a great time despite my handicap!! Thank You