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    Default weather in negril now

    So I know the weather always calls for some rain but when I'm in Jamaica around this time its always beautiful!
    I am leaving Saturday for CSA for the third time and checked the weather for fun and it seems like it is actually calling for 3 full days of clouds and rain!!! Usually it will at least show party sunny.. so now I'm scared.
    Please some one tell me the weather network is wrong : (

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    Rumor I heard was 3 feet of snow is forecast… The weather is something you can’t control; you CAN control your vacation though…. Unless you know something I don’t, worrying about weather never changes it… worrying about it merely adds stress… A few months ago I went to Key West, 2 weeks before we left it was forecast for 5 full days of rain… I promise… the ONLY rain we saw was a cloud way in the distance… don’t worry, it won’t rain all the time and if it does, relax and enjoy some other activities – boat rides, snorkeling etc you get wet then anyway…

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    Oh Trimada, I love your response.

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    Hot all morning. 79 right now.
    Rains for about 20 minutes ever afternoon. Some days, not at all.
    More of the same every day for the past two weeks.
    I doubt it will change much..typical for this time of year.

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    we were there last week, it rained 3 times once in the afternoon for 20 minutes, we stayed in the pool, it cooled us off nice. then twice during the evening on the way to dinner, didnt affect our trip any whatsoever. Also it said cloudy or rainy everyday according to the weather channel. ignore it

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    In three trips, I've never seen one day where it did NOT call for rain. But in 18 days spent on the island - all in April - we've only seen: one full day of rain, one morning of rain, one night of very hard rain (after midnight), and two 30 minute afternoon showers.

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