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    My wife and I will be heading to CSA in late January 2010 as first timers, celebrating our 20th anniversary. It is our first 'real' vacation on our own since our honeymoon, and from what we have been reading on the MB, I think we are in for a great time.

    I have read so many great points and tips about CSA from so many people, in so many different threads, that it has now all become a bit of a blur. I was hoping to get a concise list of CSA 'Musts' that we should make sure we try/experience. Whether it be a favorite drink/food/activity/experience, what are everyone's favorite things that we should not miss when we visit CSA?



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    Nature tour! There are so many beautiful things there, and the staff is ridiculously knowledgeable. We try to go on the tour every trip because we always learn something new. It's great!

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    Take out the hobie cat sailboats. Eat banana stuffed french toast at Patois. Try the snapper sandwich at the grill along with french-fries smothered in cheese sauce. Go to Feathers and order the beef tenderloin. Have the lobster Saturday night at any of the restaurants. Listen to Moses Beckford sing at the beach bonfire. Celebrate your anniversary with the private beach dinner.

    Enjoy the beach!

    Happy anniversary

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    Walk the beach, meet the locals, and eat some real Jamaican food (no slight to the wonderful offerings at the resort, but...)
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    Go on all the offered excursions. Shopping, snorkeling, catamaran, glass bottom boat. Etc. Try every place to eat and then go back to your favs. Hang out at the swim up bar and get to know your bartenders early. Meet new friends and let some be locals.

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    One very obvious but often overlooked thing not to do....

    Don't try to do too much!

    It's very easy to get into the "cruise ship" mentality where you feel like you have to plan and cram every minute with something to do. Just relax and have fun, and enjoy the place!

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    We will be at CSA at the end of January, too, so I hope to have a chance to meet you. This will be our fourth trip to CSA. I'd like to add to what others have posted: check out the fitness center across the street, including the spa. There is a wonderful lap pool and jacuzzi that hardly anyone ever uses over there. Walk the jogging trail - you'll get to see a part of the resort that hardly anyone gets to see.

    Check out the Martini Bar above the Palms. It is THE place that we hang out before dinner, well we also like to hang out at the Patois bar, too.

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    Go to the Martini Bar above The Palms, take a nice stroll at nice around the property, go snorkeling, and make sure to just veg out on the beach and get your drinks brought to you. Definitely try a hummingbird drink. Have fun.

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    Is there a martini bar at Couples Negril? We love getting dressed up and enjoying the "happy hour" cocktail before dinner.

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    I reccomend checking out Daddy Coo for the Rasta Way of Living presentation. It was on Saturday at 11:30am a couple of weeks ago, check the schedule when you get there to see if it is the same. Daddy Coo sets up a table full of Jamaican plants by the pool near Seagrapes and talks about all of the uses as food and medicine. He's very engaging and willing to discuss anything from his Rasta point of view. He's likely one of the few real Rastas you will encounter as a tourist in Negril.

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    The bonfire seemed cheesy to us so we skipped it on our first trip...boy were we wrong! This trip it ended up being the highlight! Very is a MUST!

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    Lots of great responses - thanks to all who have contributed ideas so far. Anyone else who still wants to add to the list feel free to chime in. We obviously won't be able to do everything (nor should we try - as we do want to sit back and relax as well), however it is nice to a have 'best of' list for when we do want to try one of the many great features of CSA.

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    We'll add a couple more to your list, we were there for the first time in early December.

    If you are early risers, go for a stroll on the beach first thing in the motning, before breakfast. It is very quiet and peaceful then, walk slowly, and soak in the warmth and the beauty of Jamaica.

    Sit in your chairs on the beach, or on your floaties in the ocean, and watch the incredible sunsets together, an experience that's difficult to put into words.

    Enjoy your vacation!!

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    Anyone else have anything to add to the list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarenON View Post
    ... We were there for the first time in early December.

    If you are early risers, go for a stroll on the beach first thing in the morning, before breakfast. It is very quiet and peaceful then, walk slowly, and soak in the warmth and the beauty of Jamaica.
    Karen & Paul:

    We arrived the day after you left and picked up where you left off. Our morning routines seem very similar.

    We also liked going to the beach after dark (with a nightcap) for a romantic walk and to marvel at the number of stars visible. When you live in or close to a city, it's amazing to see how many stars there are without as many lights drowning them out. By the way, we stayed on resort property at night...only walked further down the beach during the day.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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