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    We went to CN on 12/3/09 and due to a quick connection our luggage did not make the plan
    Not AA 's fault,they did get our luggage to us that night, I was very satisfied with the service.They did a great job.
    What I learned from this experience, Make a small list of what you packed
    We are experienced travelers so we know to pack in carry -on, a set of clothing, toothbrush,medication, and a bathing suit. also to mix his and hers clothes through out the luggage,just in case one bag does'nt make it

    When the luggage does not show up you fill out a form and they ask "what did you pack?"
    we looked at each other and said "clothes????"
    But the AA employees ( they were Jacqueline and Albert ,and they did a great job) asked a few questions
    "Did you have a toiletries bag " what color, any gifts, what were they, any noticable item " we had a bright red towel"
    The airline assumes your luggage has no ID so this is how they will Identify it
    So Make a short list or leave a BIG Note right inside that has your name, where you are going, and where you came from

    The trip was great, I will do a trip review later

    Special thanks to Latoya from the Piano Bar and as always THANK YOU Karen Lanigan

    Randyman, Give Karen a raise, she works 27 hours a day, and Kicked ass in the Reggae Marathon

    Brian and Donna
    from the winter wonderland of Boston MA

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    We went to CN in October and our luggage didnt make our connecting flight either. We had the clothes on our back. Couples was very attentive in keeping us informed on the status of our luggage. It arrived around 9:30PM that night. Note to self: pack a few items in your carry on, and your idea of a large piece of paper with your information on it inside your luggage is a great idea! We said the same thing when they asked us what was in our luggage....:o

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