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    Default Any tips or ideas?

    We are getting married May 8, 2010 at CSA. Any ideas or helpful tips? I will be getting my hair done at the resort and am worried. Has anyone had a bad experience with their hair being done at the resort? Also wondering who we should use as a photographer Stacey or Diana. I have been reading the blogs and everyone seems to be happy with both.

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    The only advice I can give you about the hair is make sure you have a back-up plan. I got down there and tried to make an appt. the same day I arrived and I wasn't able to b/c there were no open time slots avaliable the day of my wedding. Second, I think Diana and Stacy are both great, but I went with Diana for a few simple reasons. 1.) She was way cheaper than Stacey. 2.) There was no time limit w/ Diana 3.) I got over 400 pics and a beautiful well put together DVD of our wedding which we played at our reception for everyone when we got home. And 4.) Diana was the sweetest person I've ever met and was a dream to work with! If you would like to see my pics I'd be happy to email them to you, or anyone for that reason. Just email me at

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    Great to know! I was told that the hair appts are made when you arrive so you're right, if you are out of luck to get an appt. then a backup plan is essential!

    I hope your situation didn't stress you out too much and you had the relaxing wedding of your dreams!

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    My wedding is May 5,2010 I'm going with Stacey : ) I have been to Couples Tower Isle and had my hair and makeup done just as a test for wedding day and I loved it.... My hair is very very long and thick I had it braided up but for the wedding I will be wearing it down and curled and bringing several of my own products I live in FL so I trust the products I will be using.... I also got several bouquets made by and love them one of my moh are allergic to most real flowers. I have decided to hire a videographer so all my memories are caught for me to show those who aren't coming : )

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