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    Default How do they know we're repeaters?

    Planning to book a stay at CSA for late February. This will be our second stay at CSA (first stay in Nov. 2006). Would love to attend the repeater's dinner, but how does the resort know that we're repeaters? Do we have to show any sort of proof that we had been there before? How do we sign up?

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    You can tell them when you check in, or (if you have signed up for romance rewards), you can pre-register here on the Couples site. If need be, you can always provide them with your Romance Rewards number when you check in.

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    Forgot to mention that can sign up for Romance Rewards at this link:

    You can pre-checkin at this link:

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    You will receive a card that you fill out at check-in. There will be a question asking if you are a repeater. Simply check that. I think they then check in the computer to see if you are a repeater.
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    Isn't Romance Rewards for if you stay at a Couples resort within 2 calendar years? Our last stay was in Nov. 2006...would we still be eligible?

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    Eljaybee - That was changed to 5 you are good

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