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    Default Requesting Buildings at CN

    how would one communicate which building they would hope to get, if they could? Does anybody have any personal experience requesting a specific building or room number successfully? How did you do it? We were in room 8301.....absolutely the perfect room for us! As they say...location, location, location!

    Jay & Susan

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    The only time requesting a room or building does any good is at check-in time. Randymon stated that they do not and can not take or honor room or building requests.
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    From Randymon's recent "rants":

    "5. Specific Rooms, Buildings or Floor requests: NO! As a result of daily arrivals and departures, it is impossible for us to guarantee any specific room number, building or floor. Rooms are assigned upon arrival and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you at that time. Coming with an expectation of a specific room assignment may only serve to unnecessarily disappoint you at the start of your vacation. This applies to all reservations, even if you or your travel agent request it or note it in the reservation."
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    We've never requested a specific room, but have made a floor request in the past (i.e., top floor). We've asked our ta to put it in our reservation.

    THAT being said, we decided to just trust the process during our last trip to CN, make no request at all, and ended up with the most amazing room ever (6102).

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    We have requested a certain room at check-in and we got it (just luck)
    The next year they could not give us our request and we (just like MnK )ended up with the most amazing room that we loved in Bldg.1. I am going to just let them give me a room. I think change is good. We have been there five times and we never had a bsd room.

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