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    Default Clamato in Minibar at CSA?

    Bob wants to know from anyone who has been to CSA recently if there was Clamato in the Minibars at CSA? When we were at CSS in January, Clamato was not included in the Minibar (and we sure did ask for it). Bob loves his Bloody Marys in the morning!

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    They have tomato juice.

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    We did have Clamato.

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    They had it in the minibars in November of this year.

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    CSA Dec 5-12, 2009. We had Clamato Juice in our minibar. Didn't drink it, but we had it.
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    We just got back from CSA 10 days again and there were cans on Clamato in the minibar! There was usually 2-3 per day.

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    but at Breakfast at the Palms in the mornings it was Tomato Juice...

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    They have Clamato juice.

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    Yes, it is CLAMATO
    If you want more ( or less ) of any of the 4 types of juice, just leave a note and it will be taken care of....

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    There was clamato in ours last January at CSA

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    We had Clamato in our mini-bar last week at CSA.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Thanks so much for the feedback! Bob will be thrilled. He is usually a fitness nut and won't touch the stuff because of all the salt, but most of the rules go out the window on vacation!

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