Let me start out by saying we are already booked for December of 2010! This year was our third visit to CSA. Starting off with the bus ride, it was the fastest trip ever even with some constuction going on. Not a lot of traffic on Sunday. Our check in was flawless. Our housekeeping staff seemed to know us because our daughter and son in law were in the same building a week prior to our arrival. All the employees were as plesent as we remembered. A special thanks to Marlon on the snorkel team, and to Richard , a new employee working on the beach in the morning, he always had a smile and a greeting when we seen him in the morning. Our food experiance was fine, only complaint in that area was at the beach party the lines were long and it was impossible to skip some stations for the ones we wanted. Feathers was great, Lemongrass and the Martini bar were one of our favorites. We love the place and and are counting down to our next visit, we are bringing another couple with us next year. Here are the bad points. Some of the public areas need some attention, Loose fixtures in bathrooms, etc. The Float matts on the beach are getting worn. Logos are faded and they show ware. I don't know if it has always been the case, but I noticed the bottles of Alcohol in the room are 40 proof instead od 80. They have never had my drink of choice in the room either, there is rum,gin,vodka,scotch, but no whiskey of any kind. We are counting the days until next December.