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    Default red strip in cans

    I read awhile back that red stripe was now available in cans.

    Do they have it at CSA or in mini fridge?

    What about RS light in cans?

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    Only beer in the fridge at CSA was carib and it is not good beer. RS in cans or bottles would be much better.

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    Zaraforty, I have never seen Red Stripe in cans here on the island...NO local beer in cans that I can think of, so if at a resort, it is not something the general public has access to. In bottles, you can find the original Red Stripe, Red Stripe Light, and now we have Red Stripe Bold....higher alcohol content than the original version but the same taste I thought. I'm a Guinness woman all the way, so perhaps my tastebuds just weren't primed to notice the difference, which I think must be subtle.

    Just to the right of the Swept Away resort (as you face the road) there is a small grocery shop. Take a walk over there some morning and try one of each of the Red Stripe products...sit out in front of the stop and enjoy, or take a bottle of each back to the room to compare if you don't find the three versions on the property or in your room fridge.

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    I'm pretty sure the RS in cans in contract brewed in Canada for the US/Canadian market. Probably not going to be on readily available on the island.

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