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    Okay, this may be a stupid question, but I just started thinking about it and I want to know everything upfront.

    Photography Prices

    Does Couples "Free" Photography include the photos OR do you have to pay extra for those?

    How about when another photographer gives you a quote, such as 5 hours on location, CD/DVD files of all usable images? Does that mean you get all the photos with the price ($1950) or is that just for the photographers time?

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    I'm fairly sure that if you use the resort photographer you have to pay for the photos. I think they do various packagaes eg. 24 photos for x amount of dollars.
    We've booked Misha Earle and we've paid for 4 hours photography time and this includes all the photos and any work she does to them afterwards to make them fab! An outside photographer is going to cost you more money (especially when you consider the $500 resort fee) but we'll get all the photos on a cd afterwards which is however many can be taken in 4 hrs (could be hundreds!).
    Hope this helps x

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    And when do you have to pay the resort fee?

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    Default Diana from Digital Memories

    We have hired Diana from Digital Memories for our wedding on the 23rd of February. Where its just the 2 of us traveling we didn't want to take a chance on what seems to be the restrictive aspect of using the resort photographer. Diana has been wonderful to deal with thus far and we are looking forward to meeting her!
    From what we have been told you pay the resort fee when you are at the resort.

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    We too hired Diana...AMAZING!!! Best decision we made! The resort photographers offer packages too. I think it's around $500for 24 photos or something like that, it's listed on the website under weddings. If you hire an outside photographer, the $500 resort fee is added to your room at check-out, as well as anything you buy from the gift shops. Just thought I'd throw that in there b/c I was a little surprised no one mentioned it in previous posts.

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    We just used the resort photographer for our Dec 14th wedding, he and his assistant were awesome and lots of fun! You pick your package up front so there is no FREE photography, we picked the 36 pictures for $400. It included 5x7 pics in a photo album and a CD with copyrights to get more as we needed at home. He did anything we wanted and was not restrictive at all, I had some ideas from pics I had seen on this site and he was very willing to make us happy. His assistant used our camera and took alot of the same pics he did so we had about another 150 good pics with our digital! I didn't want to spend the money for one of the off resort photographers and I'm truly thrilled with what I got. Will post pics tonight for anyone interested. We were with him for about 2 hours and we were all over the resort, you pay the fee when you get to the resort and have your meeting with the wedding coordinator.

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    First, there is never a stupid question. I was married on Nov 7 at CSA and used the resort photographer, Ralston. He was great and did pretty much anything we wanted to do. But as far as the photo's. I believe the complimentary package does not include photo's, but if you upgrade to a beach wedding or another package the photo's are included. You do not get to keep ALL the photo's taken. You do have to select the photo's you want out of all the ones taken. If you choose to bring a photographer onto the resort, there is a fee and you would have to ask that photographer what they are going to provide for the quote. You might ask if it is a one day shoot, or will they shoot off the resort and if so how will you get there, of course how many hours, will you get prints and the CD, how long will it take to get the photo's? If you use the resort photographer, I left with my photo's, I didn't have to wait for them to be shipped to me.

    And if you ever have any questions, I would always email Debbie Hall the wedding coordinator here in the US. She was most helpful, understanding and patient with all my questions.

    Congrats and good luck.

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