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    Default Flight and Dress Code Questions

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me about which restaurants require you to dress up to go to dinner, is it just Feathers?

    Also, we are flying from Detroit to Atlanta to Montego Bay, neither of us have every flown so ANY tips about flying would be great, we have absolutely no idea what we are doing we it comes to flying!

    Thanks everyone!!

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    Go to for information and tips on traveling. The TSA site has info on carry-on rules, liquid restrictions, ID requirements, etc.

    From the FAQs:

    What is the dress code?

    During the day normal summer and swimwear attire is appropriate.

    Beach Grill:
    Swimwear is permitted.

    Breakfast and Lunch:
    Swimwear must be dry and covered. No bare feet. Shorts / t-shirts / flip-flops are most common.

    Gourmet restaurants and repeat guest dinners: Semi-Formal – summer or cocktail dress and sandals, or skirt and nice top for women. Dress pants, khakis, shirts with sleeves and collar and dress shoes for men. Jacket not required. (Elegant dress sandals are allowed). Jeans, shorts, sneakers, flip flops are not permitted.

    Other restaurants:
    Resort Casual - shorts with a nice shirt/blouse and sandals are allowed.

    From the Couples brochure:

    Be sure to pack lots of light and comfortable clothing—and remember to include a few nice items to wear at night! We like to think we’re pretty casual, but there are a few minor dress requirements. When dining in any of our restaurants—besides the laid-back Beach Grill—during the evening hours, we request that you keep your sneakers, shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops in your room. And while casual elegance is the preferred style at most of our restaurants, we request a slightly more upscale look at [the gourmet restaurant]. Men are asked to wear slacks, collared shirts, and closed shoes, while dresses, skirts, or dress pants are requested for ladies.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    My best advice is to dress in a manner that allows you to go through security with the least hassle. You have to go through metal detectors so skip the necklaces, braclets, watches, earings and all the bling. You'll just have to take it all off and put it all back on. That takes time and holds up your process of going through quickly. Also wear some easy on/off shoes because you will have to remove them also for security. Just do your research, relax with all the new things and don't get frustrated with lines or people when traveling, it'll just make your adventure start off on the wrong foot. It's not worries. Enjoy

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    In regards to flying, you will check your bags in Detroit and then you do not have to worry about them again until you arrive in MoBay. They will be checked straight through for you. Because you will have to change planes in Atlanta, do yourself a favor and when you check in in Detroit ask the gate agent for the gate number and flight that you will flying out of in Atlanta. That way when you get off the plane in Atlanta you already will know where you are going. (there is a map of the airport in the seat pocket). You will also be given a customs form to fill out while you are on the plane headed to MoBay, be sure to pack a blue or black pen in your carry on bag.

    When you fly home you will have to clear US Customs in Atlanta on your return flight. This will mean getting your bags, clearing customs and then re-check your bag and going back through security.

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    Since you say you have never flown, a few of the basics:

    DO arrive at the airport with lots of time to spare. Sometimes it may only take 10 minutes to get checked in and through security, sometimes it can take 2 hours.

    DO check in online if you can. You can usually get your seat asssignments (or change them if you like), and if you are going to have baggage fees, you can pay them before you even leave the house (most airlines have now reduced their fees for people who pay them online).

    Do bring a carry-on bag with the essentials: Tooth brush, hair brush, any medications if you are bringing them, a change of clothes, swimmsuit, your electronics (cameras and such), and ,as mentioned above, a pen. If your luggage doesn't arrive with you, you will be very happy to have these things.

    If you are bringing big suitcases, DO weight them if you think they will be close to the 50lb limit. The overweight fee is usually about $50, not something you want to get surprised with at the airport.

    When they hand out the immigration cards on the flight to Montego Bay, fill them out completely. On our last trip they said that one card was required per family, but that was not correct. Each person must fill one out, and once off the plane you will not be allowed to get into the line for Immigration until you each have a card filled out.

    After you finish with immigration, you will collect your bags, clear customs (this typically just means handing your immigration card to the customs officer), and proceed to the Couples Lounge. I hate to use the words "you can't miss it", but you really can't, and if you are unsure, just ask anyone working at the airport and they will point you in the right direction.

    Now relax, and have a Red Stripe, because the wonderful staff of Couples will take it from there. You will quite littlerally not touch your bags again until they are in your room (just remember to tip your porter who takes them to the bus).

    Hope this helps......

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    Like clocks work - dress to impress it all comes down to the shoes... so when in doubt lack an extra bag with sevral pair for you and your S/o
    think of it as 7 date nights and you will be fine ... Pam as always spot on with the FAQ support

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    Quote Originally Posted by futuremrs View Post

    Also, we are flying from Detroit to Atlanta to Montego Bay, neither of us have every flown so ANY tips about flying would be great, we have absolutely no idea what we are doing we it comes to flying!

    Thanks everyone!!
    ....Dress comfortably. Also, this is a LONG flight; move your legs a lot during the flight. Bring reading material. If you have a connecting flight, allow plenty of time, especially for the return. And be SURE to use the restroom BEFORE boarding the plane. You really don't want to use the restroom in flight. Think a Porta Potty. On the back of a truck. Driving down a very bumpy road!!

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    Feathers is the most formal restaurant at CSA. We usually dress up a bit for Lemongrass, too, meaning capris for me and dress shorts and polo shirt for Bob.

    As far as flying, boy there have been a lot of good suggestions so far. I might add that although you should most definitely pack a carry-on with essentials (change of clothes, swim suits, medications), do not overpack your carryons. The overhead bin space is so overcrowded anymore, you can't always count on having enough room. If you have a large carry-on, you may not have room to store it, especially if you board late in the process. This is not a huge deal, they will gate check it for you, but it's just something to be aware of.

    Also, for checked bags, be sure to include a piece of paper or business card with your contact information inside the bag, too. This will make it easier for the bags to find you in case the ID tags come off.

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    Packing hint.... pack the suitcases to be checked and then take half of yours and put into your SOs bag and half his/hers into yours. In outfits. That way, if one bag is misplaced and delivered a few days later or lost totally, you will both have clothes to wear for at least part of the week. Also, pack your clothes in plastic bags and make sure all liquids are in zip lock bags in your luggage. That way no wet/messy clothes. And make sure your name is both in and out of your bag. And don't lock it unless you are using a TSA lock.

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    Also - for your ATL-MBJ leg: Make sure you have your passports handy along with the pen because you will need the passport info for the immigration forms.

    We always put a sheet of paper with our itinerary (i.e. hotel name & dates, airline info, travel agent info) in our checked luggage so that they can find us while we're still on the trip instead of shipping our luggage back to our home address. Have never had issues with luggage knock wood.

    If you purchase liquids at the resort, make sure to have room for them in your checked bag because the 3oz. liquid rule applies when leaving MBJ.

    Have a great trip!

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    Put a copy of your travel information in your check bag as far as your name and where you are staying. Have your itinerary handy with your pens as you will need this info to complete the immigration forms on the plane. Take some cash for drinks and possibly food on the plane or pack some snacks in your carry on. I take a light sweater to wear on the plane as I get cold and they don't always have blankets available. Make a copy of your passport so one of you has the original and one has a copy should something get lost. If you are checking two bags, mix up your stuff so your s/o has some of your stuff and you have some of their stuff. Going through security, you will need to remove your shoes and walk through the detector. At least we have always had to do this. Don't bother trying to take a drink through security as you will not be allowed. Pull out your quart size bag with your 3 oz containers of liquid and place in the tub for scanning. Some things that will set off the detector are grommets on garments or shoes, metals on bets and yes, underwires on bras.If you want to shop duty free you can do this in Atlanta. As you arrive the flight attendants will tell you what gate you will need to go to, typically somewhere in E terminal. There is an underground train to take you there. All you need to take with you is your carry on and your personal item. The airline will get your checked bag to your next flight. As stated above, upon return you will need to claim your bags in Atlanta.

    Have fun!

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