Dear Friends,

There is healing found in two simple words: “Thank you.”

Issa Trust Foundation thank you for your continued support to make a difference in the lives of the children in Jamaica. Gratitude is the first sign of getting better. It means the children — the ones who need medical care have learned to see past their pain to focus on the blessings in their lives. Counting their blessings gives the children a heart that is filled with gratitude and joy, and that is the road to Healing and Hope.

Many of the children we have met over the years are grateful for the things most of us take for granted. These children and countless others are getting better because of YOUR help and generosity.

So during this holiday season, we want to thank you for your generous support in saving children and healing families.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Randy Russell - Chairman
Diane Pollard - Vice President
Gail Soares - Secretary/Treasurer
Issa Trust Foundation