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    Default CTI trip report addition

    I just wanted to mention that there were no bathrobes in our Ocean Jr. Suite. Seandymon had assured me in an earlier post that all Suites at CTI had robes. When I inquired I was given no explanation only that they woould look into it and we never heard a thing. I post this so that others can be prepared.

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    Wow, that is really suprising! We booked an Ocean Jr. Suite at CTI as well and were counting on the robes as they are listed on our amenity list...
    How disappointing!

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    I was quite disappointed as well; if I were you I would bring a light robe.
    If you have any questions about CTI please feel free to ask.

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    We just came back from staying in room 3316 a one bedroom ocean suite at CTI and no bath robes so I guess CTI doesn't have any.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    We were there earlier this month and had the same problem of no robes. Upon inquiry the only answer other than "there are not any robes" was that "we will check on it". I would think that even if guests are taking them home, they could be charged if that is the problem. CTI has a higher standard than other resorts and can't afford robes. C'mon Randymon.

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    Default I agree/no robes

    We just got home from there after a week, and all the wives in our group were dissapointed there no robes at CTI as we were counting on their use for our trip!

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    Hey Randymon...
    Do you have any insight on the "robe" issue? I know if sounds a little petty (sorry!) but it is an issue for those who booked a suite and it's listed on the amenity list.
    Thanks for all you do!

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    Default robes

    We were at CTI from Nov.26th to Dec.5th and were in a junior suite. There were no robes when we got in the room, but all I did was leave a note in the room and the next day the robes were on the bed!! Way to go couples!! Kim and Wayne Robinson

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