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    Default Favorite spots at CSA

    What are some of your favorite spots at csa? For romance, seclusion, maybe somewhere that most people overlook?

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    If you are talking about just getting away from the crowds, then the sports complex is ideal. We use the lap pool in the morning, then relax in the jacuzzi. In 3 trips to CSA, we have never encountered anyone else in that jacuzzi.

    We also enjoy the different koi ponds scattered throughout the property. It is amazing how we can spend a 1/2 hour watching the fish, something we would never do (or have time to do) at home.

    The billiards table near the Martini bar is often empty. It is also air conditioned, which can be nice if the heat/humidity is getting to you.

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    The hot tubs late at night are fun, and relaxing.
    My favorite breakfast spot is a table overlooking the pool at Palms. Wonderful morning view of the ocean, simply beautiful.
    The swim up bar is often entertaining. I don't drink to excess, but it is fun watching others do so.
    The hammocks along the beach are a nice place to relax late in the afternoon and watch the sun sink over the ocean.
    Any of the beach bars are a nice place to just hang out for a while and meet new folks or gab with the bar tenders.
    The martini bar is a great place to have a drink or two before or after dinner. The bar tenders are always fun and entertaining.
    Sea Grapes is a great spot for lunch or afternoon snack. The girls working there are delightful to talk with and will fix you up with some great eats or fresh fruit smoothies that are tops.
    Late night at the Aura lounge can really be fun if it gets hopping with some folks that are willing get out and dance. Great people watching spot when it gets going.
    Of course my favorite spot at CSA is the beach. I love the beach! I love all beaches, but CSA is my favorite of all that I have been to.

    I don't know that there are many places that have been overlooked on the message board. You will have to scout around to find some secluded spots, though I don't think there are a lot of spaces that offer complete privacy out side of your room. Which by the way is a very nice place in it's own right.

    You will love CSA. Explore and find your own favorite places. Have a great trip!

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    Book an atrium and request the second floor. We loved the seclusion and romance of our giant verandah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JumpinJen View Post
    Book an atrium and request the second floor. We loved the seclusion and romance of our giant verandah.
    I have to second verandah (old section) feels like being in a tree house. We request one in the wedding gazebo area......

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    My favorite spot at CSA is any spot where I am spending time relaxing with my hubby. We both get so little time to just enjoy eachother's company with the hectic schedules we have so CSA has become our annual reconnection retreat. Heading back for reconnection #3 in six weeks. WOOHOO!

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