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    Default Flight From Airport to Hotel area (small Plane)?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a small plane that can take you to Negril instead of using the 1hr 45m. Bus ride? And if so how much is it and where do you book? Thank you

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    Default Tim Air

    Tim Air... No clue of costs...

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    It's not a bus its a van, and it's fun! Take the "bus" it's an interesting cultural experience!

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    Default Tim Air

    You can make a reservation at When you check in at the Couples lounge, let the staff know that you're flying to Negril. They'll call TimAir, and a TimAir employee will come and retrieve you. You'll be transferred to another terminal and pay at that time. In March 2008, the cost for two people round trip to/from Negril was $400, and the actual time in the air was about 12 minutes.
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    Timair will fly you from the airport to Negril. We have never done it but are going to use Timair this time around. The cost for 2 people one way is (right now) $210. I believe round trip is $410 per couple. We haven't decided if we are going to take the flight back to Mobay so we only booked one way. People will tell you it's not worth the $$ but it's our splurge this time around. However, if this is your first trip to Jamaica I would suggest the bus ride. It's a great trip!!! So much to see!!


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    Online you can go to TIMAIR. When I looked into that it was 440 bucks round trip for two. We took the bus. Wasnt bad. Only thing we MIGHT do next time is book oneday on the way back so we dont have to waste so much time coming back and stay at CSA longer. But you can find it online to see what their rates are. Jane

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    If you book more people you can fly cheaper. We usually take the bus from MoBay to Negril and then take TimAir from Negril back to MoBay. This gives you 1-2 more on the beach on your last day.

    On our last trip I had made reservations for 6 people to fly back to MoBay, the coast was $94 per person, one way. When my wife and I were the only ones on the plane it was $105 per person one way.

    It's a great way to end your vacation.

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    Just some of the sites from the air.

    It's great to take the bus on the way to Negril and get to see all of the small towns. On the way home everyone is sad and it's not the party atmosphere on the bus. So, take the plane.
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    back in the day the flight made more sense....
    With the new road you may save 20-30 minute tops ....
    the price per couple is at least the cost of 1 more day at couples ... so in the end you are looking at spending 10.00 per minute for the net saving is nice flight and a great way to see negril from that view point but as a net saver it isnt that great anymore ... have fun

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