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    Default Anyone made program fans for their wedding?

    Getting married at CSA in June, and I am wanting to make program fans for my guests. Just wanting to know if anyone else has made these, and what I should put on them?

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    that sounds like a GREAT idea!! Someone please know how to do this and share with us!! lol

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    I am making them for my wedding in April. I looked at several different styles and ended up just deciding to attach the programs to a palm fan. I haven't started, just waiting on the fans to get here. I'll attach a pic of one I liked, and a couple other styles. They look pretty simple. There are templates you can find on the internet for the others.
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    What website did you find these templates?

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    You can get fans at and if you don't have time to do yourself look on . I love this but I'm having a catholic ceremony to much information to fit on the program. You can just google wedding program wording.

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