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    After visiting CSA for the first time in Nov. 2009, I couldn't wait to get back. I actually started searching for travel packages the day after I returned home. I'm so excited to say that on X-Mas day I booked another trip!!! We don't go until April 17th but I'm already counting down the days!!!

    I want to thank everyone who posts to this MG. I found such valuable information here while planning for my first trip to CSA. I read how so many people return to CSA time and time again and how once you visit CSA it'll become one of your favorite places. I took that information with a grain of salt and thought that would never be me; there are too many other places to visit. Well, it's been 36 days since I left and I've already booked my return trip to CSA. I can't wait to go back!!!

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    Good for you!!! We were talking about returning within the first few hours of our trip. It's crazy how fast one can fall in love with CSA. Looks like we miss you by a few days in April. Have a great trip!

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    we first experienced the magic of CSA in January 2008 and actually began planning a return trip during our flight home. We returned in February of this year and the second time was even more magical than the first. We are headed back again in February 2010 and can't wait. Six more weeks and we will be "home" again! There is something that just keeps drawing us back. Once you go, you will know!

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    Having another trip booked is the BEST feeling!!! ENJOY!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Welcome to the madness. Razzl

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    Can I be the one to say "told you so".
    David and Michele

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    I feel the same way. I am the adventurous type and so I thought we would go lots of different places for our anniversary trips, but once we were at CSA we were hooked. I have never had a more relaxing and indulgent week in my life! My husband and I love CSA and booked another trip not too soon after we got back. CSA ROCKS!

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