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    Default Will prices go up?

    if we don't book before the New Year?

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    Only Randymon knows that. Book direct room only and rebook if the price is lowered.
    Irie Mon

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    I am not counting on them going up too much. The economy is still crap right now, and is probably going to get worse in 2010 before it gets any better. Vacations are still a luxury and when people are out of work or worried about being out of work, they skip the vacations.

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    I was concerned about the same thing and I jumped at a sale that S had because it was about to "expire" but it never did. After talking to a travel agent some wholesalers are having a difficult time filling seats and airline companies are returning unused seats to them so they scramble at the last minute to fill them. If you are leaving soon (im months) then go ahead and book now but if you are waiting to go in about 12 months I would personally hold off and see what other deal is coming out. With this economy there will always be a deal.

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    The unfortunate thing is rates do increase annually. Contracts have specific increases that get passed on as well as wages.

    My suggestion is that you watch for specials that come up and be constantly watching for when rates will change.

    The 2010 rates are posted as well as the early booking specials.

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    The next possible rate increases will occur when the current booking window of January 15 expires. My recommendation is that you book your stay - even if you only you use our Love Away plan and put down a deposit of $100 - before January 15.

    Couples Resorts

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