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    My wife and I along with another couple are planning a trip to CSA in august to celebrate our anniversaries. We are all in our late 20's and are wondering if we will "fit in" at CSA. A few yeas back my wife(not my wife then) went to CTI and we were one of maybe 10-15 couples at the whole resort under 40.

    Any thoughts about this issue at CSA?


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    We have our first trip to CSA in May. I hope there is a good mix of all ages.

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    Age is simply a number and no matter what the ages you find you'll fit in just fine at CSA. You'll find a wide mix of ages.

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    We've been to CSA 3 times. We are now in our 40s. It seems to me that there are always a lot of young couples in their 20s (honeymooners), along with all of the other age groups.

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    You will find a mix of ages across the spectrum.

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    You will be fine at Couples Swept Away! My husband and I are in our early 30s. We liked the mix of people at CSA and felt the average age was younger than the other properties. Couples Swept Away definately caters to couples of all ages.

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    YOU WILL BE FINE! I am 30 my hubby is 32 and we went to CSA back in 2007 and didn't feel out of the loop at all.

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    We both went and we are 28 years old. We met lots of people our age. You will be fine. Have a blast.

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    I have been worried about this too... I will be 22 and my husband 26 when we go there for our honeymoon.

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    We were just there from 12/27-1/02 and we think the average age was something like 21-80. We are both 46 and can't wait to go back. No worries.

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    Age is never an issue... those of us more "mature" folks (now THAT'S a stretch!) tolerate those 20-something whippersnappers just fine... don't let them bother you!


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    I'm in my 20's too. (At least in my head I am.) Actually, I'm a decade past that, and DH is two (almost three) decades past. One thing that we have always enjoyed is interacting with people of totally different ages. For example, on our last trip to CTI, we hung out with 20-ish honeymooners (two sets of them), 80-ish anniverary-mooners (they were over 50 years together. WOW!) and some 50 and 60 year old folks. (The wife was the most active person I have EVER EVER met!) It was great.

    Enjoy your trip and don't let either YOUR age or others' ages intimidate or influence you.

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    Default Ages at CSA / Fitting in

    Do not worry about fitting in, it will just happen. My Wife and I have been going to CSA for years and we still fit in. The Resort is so diverse so that you should find your niche.

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