The newly updated list

June 26-July 5, Spanky, Henry & Gail, Suwanee, GA, ??? time, SSB
June 27-July 4, Spanky, Rob & Wendy, Lexington, SC, ??? time, SSB
June 27-July 4, Eac124, Beth & Josh, Rock Island, IL, 1st time, 2nd Anniversary
June 28-July 3, Mattnlisa, Matt & Lisa, North Potomac, MD (NW burb of DC), 1st time, 10th Anniversary
June 28-July 5, Stevevictoria, Steve & Victoria, Diamondhead, MS, 4th time, SSB
June 29-July 5, Jkberry15, Kim & Jim, Livonia, MI, 5th time
July 1-5, Verolabelge, Brian & Véronique, 1st trip to Couples (4th to Jamaica)
July 1-7, Jessilee1200, John & Jessica, Little Elm, TX DFW, 2nd time, SSB, 2nd Anniversary
July 1-7, Jessilee1200, Eddie & Stephanie, Round Rock, TX, 1st time, SSB
July 1-8, Dollyxx, Jim & Ginny, Dracut, MA, 1st time
July 2-8, Wandalaw, Alvaro & Wanda Gomez, Miami, FL, 1st time
July 3-10, Dandes, David & Erin, Madison, Alabama, 2nd time (1st to CSS), SSB
July 3-12, Jed, John and Heidi, KC KS, 2nd time, SSB
July 3-12, Mandynjeff, Mandy & Jeff, Addison, TX, 2nd time, SSB, 2nd Anniversary
July 5-10, Dandp, Dan & Peggy, Ohio, 2nd time, SSB
July 5-11, Honeysha, Manu & Anisha, ???, 1st time
July 6-10, Szap, Joanne & Steve, St. Louis, MO, 2nd time
July 6-11, July03css, Jake & Ashley, Maryville, MO, 1st time, marry July 3!! SSB!!
July 8-15, Jjnca, Joe & Janet, Orange County, CA, 1st time, 1st anniversary
July 9-14, Bjlc0711, Lorri & Barry, Pasadena and Needville, TX, 1st time, Wedding! July 11th
July 11-20, Nechan, Chan & Necia, GA, 1st time
July 16-23, Cmcindya, Allen & Cindy, Huntsville, Alabama, 3rd time, SSB
July 17-22, 2soonersfans, Brent & Christy
July 25-Aug1, Barryterri, Barry & Terri, 1st time, 25th Anniversary
July 25-Aug1, Bilkat, Bill & Kathy, California, 1st time
July 26-31, Erinnlewis, Chris & Erin, Tennessee, 1st time
July 28-Aug4, Danang, Andrea & Danny, 2nd time (1st to CSS)
July 28-Aug11, Mabr_kamo, Martin & Kate, UK, 1st time, marry on the 4th