My husband and I recently spent 3 nights at CSS, 7 at CSA. This was our second stay at CSS and 6th at CSA.. I’m not going to do a detailed review, I’m just going to give some personal opinions. Fist I have to say that, out of all of the 4 Couples Resorts, I’ve experienced the BEST customer service at CSS. To me that’s their biggest plus. The grounds are also beautiful. We enjoyed out stay but probably wont return. I guess I’m just too much of a beach person, .By day 3 we were ready to go to CSA.
Now... on to CSA. I was a little worried before this trip that I was going to be disappointed this year. I read a review or two from past CSA loyalist that weren’t exactly complimentary.. Well… I’m happy to say that we felt CSA was the BEST it’s ever been. Not only was the beach the best we’ve seen it, but the food, service and overall runnings of the resort were top notch. I feel they really made an effort to work out any of the “kinks” that were a result of the expansion. and that they succeeded. The only minor negative is that there does seem to be more “groups” of people. A lot of this could very well be just people meeting there and hanging out and dining together, and the vast majority were just couples .I didn’t encounter any type of problem,(well.. we did hear the woo hooing hot tub crowd that was discussed on another thread) It was more just an observation I made to my husband that it didn’t seem as “coupley” But I’m ok with that. My husband and I go to spend time together, just the two of us, and Swept Away is still the perfect place for us. We’re already planning trip 7.