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    Default Happy Holidays from Tower Isle

    From those who were there....

    Feel free to add yours

    -The Captain & IslandBliss
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    haha, looks like our hats came in handy...and you found the sun! we will email you guys the pictures when Michelle uploads them.

    Happy Holidays.

    Brandon and Michelle

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    I don't think that's the sun. It's the moon!

    We'll be there during St. Patrick's Day. Maybe we'll contribute then. Hmmmmm...this could be the start of an ongoing holiday picture thread.

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    JJ -- I'm sure we can think of something -- you know we're always bringing ST Pattys beads! Let's see what might offer more "coverage".... LOL

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    Oooooh Rhonda...I like the way you think! We better keep our eyes open while shopping for ideas that'll make them "green" with envy.

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    Thank you for the memories. :0)

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    Default Greetings from Va.

    Christmas on the Island was by far one of the best ever. We especially enjoyed the snorkeling excursion lead by the Captain and Island Bliss.

    Happy New Year to you all - perhaps we'll see you on the island again soon.
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    Hey Nick & Kathy, we had a great Christmas as well, one of our best EVER! Glad you enjoyed the snorkeling excursion. Hope to see you on the island again..

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    Ok this might be a dumb question, but whats "Tower Time?" Ive saw a few posts about it..

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    Apparently Tower Time is Private Time in the Tower. We were told there use to be a sign you could hang but did not see one when we were there at the end of January. Plenty of time can be found in the comforts of your room. Besides the facilities are in the tower. You will enjoy no matter!! It was our first and will NOT be our last. We meet some great friends.

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