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    Default Islandbliss and Captain Ron!!

    I am dying to hear how your trip went. We need DETAILS..... Did you like the renovations? What kind of room did you stay in? I can't wait 44 more days, its killing me.

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    Hey Nikki & Josh! I put somepics up on facebook. I loved the renovations, ron said it took him a little to get used to. Alot of primary colors, but I liked the cool clean look. REALLY miss the diving board at the main pool, but the addition of the swim up bar is real nice. We stayed in deluxe ocean i think, we were in the main bldg. room 3302, nice big closet too. I love the addition of outlets in the bathrooms, and the ability to open the bathroom window. Makes it easier for getting ready since the bathroom isn't so steamy from showers i can still dry my hair. I think you will love it. Spent the repeaters dinner with Mr Henry, very nice to chat with him. Apparently 96% of the staff has returned after the renovations. The staff were fabulous as well, so many familiar faces, and some nice new additions as well. Can't wait to see you guys in Feb.

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