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    Default It just keeps getting better

    I really like the changes that have already taken place on our new MB. It is much easier to delineate between each post. Nice purple color to indicate a post that has been read. And the column of posters in blue works very well.

    Thanks for the upgrade.


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    I third that!
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    Ah.... that's what the purple means! I agree, it's much better.

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    Much much better, I was going absolutely crazy trying to figure out what I had read and what I hadn't. Someone is definitely on the ball

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    I agree it has become much less congested seeming and less overwhelming I really didn't like the board at first but little by little its becoming more user friendly. I was wondering about the archiving system.
    I liked the suggestion about creating a section to put things specifically related to each resort in its own section (similar to the meet up section).
    Also I don't like (what feels like) the billion stickies (post that stay at the top) that i see and re read every time I get to the main message board. Stickies should be for very important information and should be limited to 2-3.
    but overall great improvement so far.

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