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    I was reading a few posts about resort photographer, a few ppl said the dvd was cheezy? Does anyone feel the same way about the dvd? I 'm so confused, on what to do about photographer.

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    We were married at CSS and chose to have our wedding videotaped and placed on DVD. This was a big plus for us as we had our reception at home, upon our return, and were able to share the special occasion using the DVD. It was very professionally done and got the awwww factor response, during the reception, we'd hoped for. It also gave us the ability to show the resort we'd been married at as they do some footage around the property. Hope this helps.

    Bart & Bug

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    Default resort dvd

    we def want a dvd, but I was reading some reviews, ppl said that the RESORT photographer did not do a very good job with the dvd, someone posted on here that is was cheezy.

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    We got married last month at CN and we had Stacey Clarke do our photos and also had the resort dvd done. We LOVED the photos Stacey did, could not have asked for more and we only got the dvd done so that our close family could see the ceremony when we got home as we went on our own. I must be honest, we laughed when we saw the dvd as it was very cheesy (in our opinion) BUT if you're going on your own then it's worth getting it for the memories and for others to see. If I'd had the budget I would have got Stacey to do the dvd as well but the resort one costs $300 as it is so we had to go with that. I cannot reccommend Stacey enough, she made our day really special and even helped make things go smoothly! The wedding co-ordinator arrived too late to the room and Stacey was the one that helped me with my dress and then go and meet the minister & my fiance to get them to the location on time. There was also an issue with her entrance fee as we booked twelve months before but she sorted that out too with minimal fuss. She is very sweet and fun to be with and makes you feel really comfortable about having your photos taken - which I generally don't like. Honestly, pick Stacey - you won't regret it! If you do decide on her, book her asap as she is mega busy! Regarding the dvd, yes, it's cheesy but it's nice to have if you're going on your own or to watch in years to come... Hope this helps, feel free to ask me any questions and I'll help where I can.

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    Does the resort photographer let you have input on the music on the DVD? I may want a specific song or two on mine.

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    I gave the resort dvd guy the cd we used for walking up & down the aisle plus some songs we used for the reception. He will make a note of which songs you want on the dvd and he did exactly what we had asked for no problem.

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    We also provided the resort Videographer with a CD of songs we wanted. I felt he did a really good job on it. It was well worth the money. I also went with the resort photographer and felt that he did a great job. I did not feel that it was cheesy. I have read if you did not provide your own music it was not as great but we were impressed. we did not expect much and we were pleasently suprised.

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