My mate and I are headed to CTI in mid January. I had a injury (fell off a roof onto concrete) this year that makes it hard for me to walk for extended periods of time. I also need a cane or crutches (depending on the daily pain level) to get around. I am not 'handicapped', I am very active, but pain sometimes rears its ugly head.
Does anyone know the layout of the handicapp accessable rooms at CTI? Are they only suites, or (we reserved a Premier Ocean) are they in defferent room types.
Do the rooms have grab handles?
Are there elevators in the resort for patrons who are not on the 1st floor?
Do the rooms all have refrigerators, and if not, are there refrigeration facilities (I have to take I.V. Anti-biotics every 8 hours due to a bone infection related to the injury).

We are looking forward to a wonderful time at CTI, vacations are what you make them, I'm just hopeing the "make it fun" part will be easier rather than harder