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    Default Shot to Prevent Sand Flea Bite Reaction

    We're going to Couples Negril in March 2010- our first Couples experience and we are getting married so are very excited! I've started to see a lot of comments about sand flea bites...when I get bitten by mosquitos and other bugs, I swell up terribly, so of course now I'm freaking out. What is the shot you can get from your physician to prevent the allergic reaction?

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    I hope other MBers chime in on this, but we have been to CN in March, April, May, November & December. The interesting thing we found is that in the Spring we have not had issues with the sand fleas, but in November & December we did. I don't know if it is a seasonal thing because of November & December being wetter months than in the Spring or if it was just luck. So I hope other MBers will chime in and let us know what time of year they went and if they got bit up. Perhaps you won't have to worry about it in March.

    I do know that if you stay away from the beach at dawn, dusk, & night you shouldn't have an issue. Also stay away after a rainfall.

    Congrats on your wedding. You will have a wonderful time. CN is one of our favorite Couples resorts.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Ask your physician for advice. They are best qualified.

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    I went to CN last March and never got bit in the whole 2 weeks i was there. I think it must depend on the time of year.
    You will by the way have a wonderful time, we absolutely loved it.
    Congrats on your forthcoming wedding.

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    We went to CSS in March 08 , CSA/CN in March 09. and did not experience sand fleas. However we went back to CSA in November 09 and I was bit up by the sand fleas.

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