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    Default BLUE MOUNTAIN BIKE TOUR, is it worth it?

    My husband and I will be at CTI first week of May, I am debating whether or not to go on the bike tour, it is an 8am - 5pm day, so I will be giving up a day at the resort, is it worth it? Also, our 7th anniversary will be during our stay, any suggestions on how to celebrate it?( Other than the late evening festivities of course!)

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    Default bike tour

    Both my wife and i enjoyed the blue moutain bike tour, they feed you well and there is some stunning scenery all topped off with a refreshing swim in a waterfall pool ,There is also the chance to take part in a beer drinking contest at the end. (which i won)The trip out to the mountain itself is also very informative you get to see the island away from tourists
    We were the only couple to go from CTI on that day but the bus had picked from other hotels and everybody had a good time
    PS very jealous of you being at cti

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    I did this tour about 11 years ago - it was an absolute blast! Of course things may have changed, but from what I remember we were bussed up to the top of a mountain and then rode very old one speed bikes down to the foot of the mountain. On the way we met lots of really cool people, stopped for a delicious lunch halfway down the mountain and then had the chance to go swimming at a hidden away waterfall....Again, my experience may be different than what's available now, but the mountains and views and people probably haven't changed drastically, and if we weren't Negril-a-holics, I'd definitely do that trip again!

    Have fun!!

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    Default Bike tour

    Thank you both for the comments. It sounds like it would definitely get us out to see real Jamaica, which is what we love, less commercialized. We also love to ride our bikes, so I think we will book it. Just need to see what day has the least amount of activities at CTI, which will be difficult to do, but it sounds well worth it. We have been counting down the days since 204, so we are almost halfway there! Never been to CTI, nor Jamaica, can't wait!

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