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    Hi there, hopefully someone can answer my question???!?

    My wife and I are curious as to what the house red wine is like at CSA? Last year we stayed at Sandals Whitehouse and the wine was Berringer and was fantastic. Grab the phone and they would keep bringing bottle after bottle up.

    Does CSA offer similar wine treatment?

    Considering the amount of money we are spending already on this trip, I would be very, very miffed if I had to buy a bottle or two of red wine a night... Rum and vodka dont work for us...

    Thanks for the help?!


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    The house red at CSA is not on par with Beringer. It is a Chilean cab. If your room has a minibar, there will be bottles of red and white wines provided. The house white and red at Feathers are a bit better than at the other restaurants. The wine flows freely at all of the restaurants.

    While I certainly appreciate that you and all of us have spent all year saving for a special trip to Couples, I hope that you won't set yourself up to be "miffed" because the wine is not up to your expectations. Both of us are wine fans (I won't say aficionados since we aren't that fancy). Let's just say that while we LOVE Couples and CSA, we don't go there for the wine selection. Others on the MB have suggested packing a special bottle or two in your packed luggage to enjoy at the resort.

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    If you have a mini bar in your room you will have white and red wine. If you want more of one item or another just leave a note in the fridge and the guy that restocks your mini bar will take care of you. A few mini Snicker's bars go along way, too!!

    We always joke about the bottomless wine glass when we go out to dinner. The servers are excellent. Your wine glass never goes empty.

    At CSA the wine is from Chile. The red is dry and very good for a table wine. If you want different wines they do have a wine list for bottles to purchase. We've never felt the need to pay for wine. We have a couple of people that prefer to drink wine only and they have never had any complaints.

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    Someone just went to Chile and brought us back a gift bottle of Chilean Merlot and honestly, I prefer the Chileans wines ( Cabernet and Merlot) at CSA

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    I think the red wine was a brand called Frontera....I used to drink red wine, but prefer the white when I go to Couples.
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    We are staying in the Atrium suite on our future vacation to CSA, I am aware that there is no mini bar in that type of room but does that mean that we will not be able to have a bottle of red brought up to our room ?

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    Angela and Jason - it can be brought to your room if you are the ones doing the bringing! Just call at the nearest bar, ask for a bottle and two glasses and you are ready to go. We love the Atriums - to us they are perfect.

    Dawn and Roger

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    The house wine is Fontera, a chilean cabernet that is widely available in the states....pick up a bottle if you get the chance, you will see that it is quite good...

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    Thanks for the info Dawn and Roger

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    I have to add me .02 to this conversation: I find the red wines at Couples to be "drinkable" at best. That being said, the whites are better and the sparkling wine (Cava, not Champagne) is actually QUITE good. We tend to stick with Red Stripe and Cava while there.

    Do NOT go there with the expectation of "fine" wines. IMHO, if you want the really good stuff, you should bring a bottle or two down yourself. It's much easier.

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    The wine is fine, not the best but very drinkable...I think there is a choice of 2 is most restaurants but for the life of me can't remember which one we preferred. Enjoy your stay.....

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