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    Default snorkeling help?

    My husband and I will be at cti for the first time in dec. 2010. We have were wondering about snorkeling. Does anyone know if the resort has a beginners class or not? Also if we have can rent equipment. Thanks for any help.

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    All the equipment is provided and there is little to teach, but the boat guide will help you. If you really like the snorkeling, then why not try the scuba diving introduction class. It too is included in the cost of your trip and will open a whole new world of vacation destinations too you.

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    All the snorkeling trips are for all levels. The equipment is provided for you, and they even have life vests and/or floaties if you're not comfortable swimming in the water.

    Definitely GO! It's a blast. I usually go several times during the week while i'm there.


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    All snorkeling equipment is included at no charge. They include free instruction as well, not only on how to snoirkel but also on water safety.
    If the water conditions are good you will love snorkeling

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    Have not been to CTi however at CN there is gear to use when you go out. When you go out they will give you a short talk on the snorkle equipment and its' use. If you are unsure at any point just ask they are more than willing to help.

    Enjoy Couples!
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    You really don't need a class. The guides will ask while you are still on the boat who has or has not snorkeled before. For those who have not, they will be held back a few minutes and given instruction (or at least that's what I've experienced at CSA). It's really very easy and a few minutes instruction is really all that's needed.

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    They will teach you everything you need to know. Just tell them you have never done it before and you will get a private lesson. It's easy. No, you cannot rent the equipment...they provide it free with the trip...and, of course, the trip is free too. Just go and Enjoy!
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    I was a snorkeling first timer this year at CN in can take your time and go at your own pace so that you can get the hang of it...It only took a couple of minutes for me to get comfortable...there are no classes like there are for SCUBA...They did not let you use the snorkel equipment unless you went out on a dive...some people did bring their own fins and masks from home because they were more experienced divers...

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    Not sure about the class, I think they used to have one. They have equipment for you when you go out on the snorkel trips but if want to go off the beach or around the Island then bring your own. I suggest getting your own and practicing before you go, in the ocean or a pool, then you will be all set and not need a class. Also practice your swimming and you can do the discover scuba class and dive (even better than snorkeling) Have a great time, you will enjoy CTI.

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    My husband and I bought our own snorkel gear, just the mask and snorkel. We enjoy snorkeling around the ropes at CN. My husband was a litle nervous at first but he got over it pretty quick.
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    Thanks to all of you for your snorkeling advice, it will be alot of help. I think when the temps. get above freeeeezing again I will practice at the lake. July should be warm again.

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