My significant other (aka Girldfriend) and I are booked for CTI Jan 17-23. I (male) have no problems with AN, and have done so in the colder waters of Martha's Vinyard off Cape Cod (our home). She, on the other hand, has never done so. I think she'll find it freeing and jut s slight bit riske' for her fist time.
In addition, she is a certified scuba diver, with her own equipment, and will make as much use of the resort's diving as possible. I, on the other hand am physically unable to scuba (injury related). Is there anyone who could be her dive buddy (perhaps resort staff, or other guests) during our stay?
Lastly, should I be making reservations for excursions and spa visits before we arrive, or is availability such that we can ait until re arrive in the evening?

Many thanks to everyone!
Jess & Christine