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    Default Question for anyone that's been to CSS recently

    I know this is a long shot but figured it was worth a try. We really enjoyed the music that was played at the swim-up bar while we were there,(Dec 13-20) but failed to ask who the artists were and was wondering if maybe someone else thought to ask or might know who some of the more played artists are. We know Bob Marley of course, but this was different. Thanks in advance and although we were just there, we can't wait to get back home.

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    We were there in April (seems like 100 years ago!). I remember one song being played at the smim-up bar a lot that I LOVE! It's called "Cottage in Negril" and it is by Tyrone Taylor. Now my favorite ringtone!

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    I know there was one day that Miguel played a BUNCH of stuff, but only for 2-3 seconds each!! WTH! ;-)

    Not sure which you're talking about, J&A, but I know I would've liked to hear some more variety. I love Bob, but started to tire of him. Bring on the island music! Calypso, Ska, Mento... I'm not sure what else we heard, but it was all good (or maybe it was the rum!)

    Where are those wedding pictures???

    Happy New Year!!

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    Hey, it's the King and Queen of Name That Tune!

    Sorry we haven't posted the pics yet. The size of the files have made us rethink how to post them. Not to mention, we are newlyweds (again) - and you know what newlyweds spend all their time doing, right? We've been busy planning our next trip to Jamaica, of course!

    We're so glad to hear from you and we really appreciate you coming to our vow renewal. Here's a quick pic of us sharing a drink with new friends! We'll get the rest posted soon.

    Happy New Year!

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    Which Swim up Bar? I recently donated a CD that I fabricated for our 20th Wedding Anniversary. If you were listening to it on Sunset Beach, then I can help you. Diane

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    It was the swim up bar at the main pool. It was reggae music but it was a little different than most of what we have heard.

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