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    Default Can I bring my own wine?

    I have never tried this but I am wondering if it will catch me up in customs, can I being my own wine from home in a carry on?

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    Not in your carry on. It has to be in your checked bags.

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    ok i realize I cannto carry it on as I forgot about the 3oz rule...

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    You can't bring it in a carry-on unless it is 3oz or less and it must be in a 1 quart Ziplock baggie, but you can carefully pack it in your checked luggage and take it with you.
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    I find it is easier to buy your wine at the duty free shop at the airport. You can get a good quality wine for alot less than the liquor store (and you can put it in your carry on bag).

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    Angela and Jason have an excellent suggestion. I thought I'd explain the process a little for those who haven't shopped at the duty free BEFORE heading to Jamaica. Most U.S. airports that have international flights have duty free stores. In most cases, you have to show your boarding pass to the clerk (to prove that you are taking an international flight), and the liquor you purchase is then delivered to your departure gate, where you pick it up. This completely eliminates the 3 oz rule, since you have already gone through security. It would be a good option if you are looking to pick up a few nice bottles of wine to enjoy at Couples.

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    Ibelieve ther are restrictions on how much you can bring INTO Jamaica. If you try to bring more than allowed, Customs will confiscate it of charge you a fee.

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    If it helps you can bring up to two "Liters" of alcohol (and two cartons of cigarettes)per person.... into Jamaica.

    Comming back to the states is ABOUT the same BUT apparently it depends on the actual state law that you first land in...

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    I would prefer to buy wine at duty free however I am a bit of a "wine snob" not that I know a lot about it, I just know what I like...LOL. And I know they don't have it at CSA. Thanks for the heads up on how much still mulling it over if I am going to or not, I would hate for it to break in my luggage so I am leaning towards not.

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    One thing to think about is if you do bring it with you in your luggage, you know you'll have room to bring home some rum cream or any other bottles of spirits or wine that you purchase in Jamaica.

    We've never had a problem with breakage in our luggage, but we always make sure to bring plenty of big Ziploc baggies with us to pack, and usually T-shirt that we don't care that much about goes in the bag with it to wrap it up more carefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EinWI View Post
    . . . . I am a bit of a "wine snob" not that I know a lot about it, I just know what I like...LOL. And I know they don't have it at CSA . . . .
    Enjoy a Bob Marley as a pre-dinner drink. No matter the vintner, any wine will taste great after that, and if it doesn't, you won't really care.
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