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Thread: January 15 - 22

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    Default January 15 - 22

    Dave & I will be there! Who else is in??

    Only 149 days to go!

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    Wow, Mary, you've been pretty quiet since the new board launched! I saw you had a meet up thread started on the old board about this week. I almost started a new one, but I didn't want to steal your thunder! Ginger and I have booked CSS for that week.

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    LOL... I have been! Mostly it's because I could never sign in and stayed signed in. It was annoying!!

    But - a friend (thanks Gary!) sent me a link to the working board and now I'm posting like crazy again! WOOHOO!

    We look forward to seeing you guys & getting to know you better! Can you believe how fast time is going? I start tanning in 8 weeks! lol

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    I finally signed up for the new message board. Changed our username. We booked for CSS from January 16-23. Look forward to seeing you Mary,Dave, Keith and Ginger.

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    I just posted and forgot to put Jason and Roxanne on the post. Still getting used to the new message board. We will be at CSS January 16-23.

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    Hey Jason & Roxanne!! It will be great to see you guys again!

    Bill (Japan) & Becky will be at CTI the 16th - 23rd, but I'm sure it won't take much convincing to get them to come over and visit us at SSB!!

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    Cool! I'm glad people are finding this thread! We should try and plan a day where we all visit TI and another where they all come and visit us at SSB, otherwise we might cross paths and go to the other resort on the same day!

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    Keith and Ginger I think that is a god idea. We wanted to do the trading spaces to CTI to see staff there and to check out the newly remodeled resort. It would be nice to run into Bill and Becky.
    Roxanne and Jason

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    81 days!!!! I can't believe we are almost there!

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    81 for you, you lucky duck! 89 for the rest of us. Hmmm, maybe we'll do 10 days next time! We're heading to Mexico with our little girl in three weeks though, so that'll be nice. It's not couples though, but it'll do.

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    Default we will be there

    Hi jim and Judy will be ther on the 8th thru the 18 see you there

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    Can't wait! 80 days!

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    It's coming soon!!! =) Anyone else tanning yet? Packed? lol

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    Jamerican Blonde and KrazyKeith,
    We will be at CSS from 9th to 16th. We were there last year from 13th to 20th, I am not sure if you remember us.

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    62 days. We are counting down. Haven't started tanning yet. We usually wait until December.

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    51 days!! I've been tanning for a week now... and I'm a golden white! lol

    I figure between the tanning & the pit stop at CTI for 6 days before CSS, I should have some good color before you all see me. =)

    BillnMarg... I believe I do remember you... would everyone at home been freaked out be your beach choice? lol You'll have to post a pic to refresh my memory. =)

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    52 days left for us, I think we'll miss you guys this year, BillnMarg. We don't arrive until the 16th.

    I'm hoping my slight tan from last week in cancĂșn will help me tan better in Jamaica this year! You're so lucky to be able to spend that much time in paradise, JamericanBlonde. I envy you!

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    30 days left! Anyone else getting excited?

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    we are counting the days. 28 more days. We started tanning about a week ago. Jason is on his last pound of Blue Mountain coffee so I know he is ready to go back. See you there.

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    No tanning for me this year. Didn't ever really seem to help anyway, so I'll just have to where lots of sunscreen! Merry Christmas!

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