We are going in May to CSS. Third time but I have some questions. What is may weather like--we usually go in December. Is the water warm?
I will either book the Beachfront suite (bldg a or b) or the penthouse. I know the layout and we spend all our time at Sunset Beach. I know the penthouse is further from there but I can't think of how it is in relation to everything else--piano bar, lobby, computers, mineral pool. I loved the Beachfront last time we were there but had issues with water pressure and I would love the view from the penthouse, I think. I have semi bad knees though and am worried about the steps.
Also, the trip to the falls-bad idea with 50 yr old knees?
Thanks for any info. I wish I was there now. It is -10 in Iowa and I am really hating winter.
oh-hi honey-love you. L