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    We are getting married at CSS in February, just the 2 of us and we are looking for suggestions for our opening wedding song. We have each chosen one song for during / after the ceremony but have thought we'd like to open with something "Jamaican" in the way of music. We have considered One Love by Bob Marley but neither of us are completely sold on that yet. Any Suggestions???

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    Can't believe we have not had any suggestions on this!!!

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    The only reason I can think of why you're not getting too many suggestions is b/c you'll barely even hear your music. The wedding and reception are both very fast, especially if there are weddings behind yours so I wouldn't put too much thought into the music. The only time it really made a difference is when I was walking down the beach aisle. After that, it doesn't really matter. You sign certificates, eat a couple bites of cakes, have a couple of drinks of champagne, and you move on to take pics. The whole wedding and reception was maybe 45 minutes all together. It's very fast...but honestly, I liked it that way. It was so early and hot and we spent almost 3 hours taking photos with Diana Campbell so I was ready for it to be done with and enjoy the rest of our vacation, which we did

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    I did hear my music when I entered, but I think I really heard it more in the video. I went with Elton John, Your Song. I did want some traditional Jamaican, but I had heard One love so many times I just couldn't. And we did look for some traditional songs, but really didn't find many that felt romantic to us.

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