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Thread: December 2010

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    FOUR Bob Marleys???? LOL....You are too funny, Debbie!!!

    26 more days and we will be in Paradise!!! Can't wait!

    Becky, I am so sorry that you guys won't be there. It will not be the same without you We will have a drink for you on your birthday.

    Soon come!!

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    2 more weeks for us...YA MON!


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    Default Got The Job

    I have been out of work since 11/13/19. Friday the 13th - whod of thunk it. Was called for an interview Wednesday 11/17/10 - job is close to home which is a real plus since where we live there aren't many jobs Called for a 2nd interview today (11/19) I was told they would be making their decision today. Interview was at 330 and they closed at 5. Though, another no thank you Got a call at 515 - Deb we would like to offer you the job I GOT THE JOB !!!!! I even get to take my trip to CN in Dec. - couldn't be a better day

    See everyone at CN in 3 wks - have a great weekend

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    Default In 9 days we will be in Jamaica.......

    for the very first time. Loooking forward to the time away, good drinks, plenty of food, and enjoying the time with my bride.

    We can't wait to take in all the resort has to offer.

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    So happy for you that you got the job!!!
    We might have to do another Bob Marley to celebrate!! 5, anyone??
    Terrific news.......

    17 more days...but who's counting??
    ME!!! THAT'S WHO!!!

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    Default The luggage is ready to pack

    Vern and I are are serious countdown mode...the luggage is in the bedroom. We'll see you Thursday, Dec. 16!!
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    Default Single Digit Dance!!

    Does it get any better??? 9 more days until Paradise. I have started packing....bought a couple new bathing suits.....I don't think my feet will touch the floor for 9 whole days!

    Can't wait to see everyone!
    Hope we will have a crew for the Hatters Meet-up!

    Debbie, Carolyn? Where are you two???

    Becky,I can't stop thinking about will be soo missed this year. I hope Dennis gets better and things get brighter. We will def see you next year. I am already booked for 2011, just can't remember the dates right now. Please know we will be thinking of you two.

    Soon Come!!

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    Only 9 days left for us. So we get to start the single digit disco and can't wait waltz today. =0D

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    Last day at work before going HOME this weekend! Haven't hit a lick! Good thing I work for myself!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Almost time to go!!

    Somehow I think it will feel like Thursday will never get here!! Let the packing begin!!

    Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible during our first ever visit to CN (9th-13th)!!

    Never take life too'll never get out of it alive!!

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    Hello Hello Hello

    I'm right here Melody. Just got come from the lake and went to my sis's for supper. Can't believe its only 5 more days!! I have got just about everything I own in the suitcase, now I have to take some of it out. It drives me crazy to try to get all that stuff remembered and packed. We are going to Indy Wednesday to visit with the grandbabies, and then our son will take us to the airport Friday morning. I hope I don't forget my passport; I dreamed I did. I think I am going to duck tape it to my body so I will have it. They'll probably see it through the scan. I haven't heard from Debbie for about a week, but she is probably busy with her new job and all. We will be there next year Dec. 8 to the 17. So see you all this week. Irie


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    3 DAYS!!!!!! Can you believe it?????

    Thanks Melody - been really busy trying to get back int he swing of getting up early and out the door. Then coming home and trying to get ready for vacation and the holidays.

    5 BOB MARLEYS ??????????? It's a good thing it isn't on Monday - we wouldn't be making it to the repeaters dinner for sure. I'm not sure if we will make it out of the pool. But I'm game if you are

    See you soon

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    I am setting on the beach in Negril right now. The only two words I can think of that describe it are "paradise" an "perfect". The staff is unbelievable and the guests are just as nice. Just wow.

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