It's my understanding that Couples won't "split" a trip between room categories at the same resort -- for example, if a couple is staying 10 nights and wants to spend 5 nights in a regular room and 5 nights in a suite (assuming the couple is willing to pay the extra cost, move rooms, and endure the inconvenience of not having a room for part of the day due to cleaning, etc.). Am I correct that this isn't permitted?

Of course, I have no problem with Couples having whatever policy it wants but am curious as to the rationale for this one, as most hotels at which I've stayed are willing to split visits between room categories. Obvously, it could get chaotic if folks changed rooms on a daily basis. But, with some constraints (e.g., minimum number of nights in a particular room category; only one change per trip), it might be a nice option so that folks could "try out" a different room category for a few days, especially on longer stays.

Just curious . . .