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    Default CN Fans - Need Room Category Advice?

    We've been to CSA twice and both times we've stayed on the ground level as requested. If we want to increase our odds of getting ground level, what room category, or categories, at CN have the largest number of ground level rooms available? We did the trading places program for a day just out of curiosity and we were surprised to find we preferred CN. I appreciate any feedback.


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    Default CN Ground Level

    Hi Debbie,

    I believe the cheapest Garden View rooms have the most ground level rooms in the category. It's what we reserve every time, and there's not a bad one on the property. We've stayed on ground level and 2nd floor, and enjoy them both. If you've got health issues requiring you to have a ground floor room, they'll try extra hard to fill your request.

    CN is very much more intimate, isn't it?


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    I agree with Beergirl. Book a Garden View room.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    I've been under the impression that for all four resorts, the easiest rooms to obtain are the ground floor, regardless of category. It just seems that a sizable majority of folks, at least the ones who post in here, prefer to be on a higher floor. It's never occurred to me that getting a ground floor room (which I will be requesting during our stay at CN) would be all that difficult. Maybe it's tougher to get than I thought.

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