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Thread: Csa-july 2010

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    Default Csa-july 2010

    Hey All,
    Happy New Year!! Dennis & Tracy from Sixburgh, PA here. We are happy to say we will be returning HOME In July. have not nailed the dates yet, but it will be July 10-17 or July 11-18. Anyone else gonna be there?? gonna join us????
    Let us know....first round is on us!!!!!!!!

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    We have 3 couples from new orleans going july 15-20...ready to bring the party with us

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    Default Working hard to get back

    Hey Dennis And Tracey, papadukes from So florida back on board. We are trying for the 11th to 18th. Not booked yet. but hopefully will be in next couple of months. Looking forward to seeing our friends again and making new ones at the pool bar. To the folks from New Orleans, First round on Dentrac, Papadukes will get 2nd

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    WOOHOO!!!!! Party time!! Let's just hope we do not drink them out of Miller Lite GD Lloyd give me another Miller Lite!!! I can't wait...not sure of the countdown....but I know I am ready. 18 and snow in Pittsburgh!!! Can't wait to see you buddy. Anyone else on board???

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    Default CSA July 11-18

    Hi everyone! Jen and Mike from New Jersey here. We are booked for July 11-18. This is our first trip to CSA. We have previously stayed at CN and CTI. We look forward to meeting everyone!

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    We are Newbies and thinking about going July 15-20....Looking forward to our first trip!

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    Hey guys will be there the same time as us. You guys will LOVE CSA!! This is our 3rd trip back HOME. We love it there!! 1st round is on papaadukes....pool bar 10:00am!!!!

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    We are on to join the party. The better half and I will be there the 3rd thru the 13th and dfor anyone who is counting its 5 months 15 days 20 hours 24 minutes and I am counting.

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    Brad and Melissa here from Macomb, MI....We will be at CSA from July 11-19on our Honeymoon, we look forward to meeting all of you and enjoying the resort.....Only 6 more months

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    I haven't started the countdown yet because it seems so far away! Looking forward to it though!

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    Contrary to what this MB says, Dentrac is buying every round for everyone this week. He normally spares no expense. Just like last year. We are still planning to go 7/11 to 18th but have not booked yet. hey mikeandjen. Where are you in New Jersey. Jeanne and I (Steve) are originally from there (Livingston, Westfield and Metuchen), but now in South Florida.

    Keep the Bob Marleys flowing. Alright Dennis - Miller Light for you

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    ME and my fiance are getting married On July 24 and will be arriving at CSA on July 25 just seeing if anyone will be there at that time.

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    Default looks like the party is starting!!Welcome to the party BradandMelissa. We need to start tracking everyones names and submitting pictures so we can call meet up. Papadukes...where you a pic from our last year trip!! For those of you have never been to will love it! This is our 3rd straight trip. Wife's birthday is the be ready be at the pool bar at! Looks like the dates will be July 10-17th.
    40 and 37 from Pittsburgh here! Looking forward to meeting you all!

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    Seems like this is going to be a busy week! We have not booked yet. Do they book up this time of year?

    Toby & Tamara we are traveling from Bogota, Colombia via Washington DC. Looking forward to our first trip!

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    Hey are the 4 of us from last years trip...this is Dentrac on the left and Papadukes on the right. Hopefully the pic worked...if not..someone may need to help See ya all soon!!!!!!!
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    Default Who else

    Dentrac -- I remember that day. great time last year at the pool bar. Looking forward to a repeat this July. Hopefully no one has taken my seat at the pool bar lol Who else wants to join in on the fun?

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    I remember that day well to bud!!! 153 days till my butt is back in my seat!! I think my butt cheeks are imprinted in that very spot after the 2 years we have been there. Anyone that we are meeting....the four of us will be in that spot! Papadukes....I need a Miller Lite and a Hummingbird please. Cannot wait till this year!!!!

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    Where is everyone at??? Let's get this party started!!!!

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    Where are the July people????? Booked for July 10th-17th....who else is going to join us????

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    We will be there July 11th - 19th for our Wedding/Honeymoon. See you there!

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    Sorry it took so long to reply. We are from South Jersey right outside of Philadelphia. By the way, 5 months from today, we will be there! Yay!

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    Hey brianloree and mikeandjen....Hope you guys are ready for a GREAT vacation and ready to party!!! This is our 3rd trip to CSA and we LOVE it!
    Ask Papadukes how drunk we got him. He is a fellow New Jersian!!! Got 3 feet of snow here in Sixburgh...I am READY TO GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    We haven't booked yet, but we'll probably be there 16-23. This will be our second trip to CSA, fourth trip to Couples.

    We're from Colorado and totally ready for some sun and rum!!!

    Kristen & Matt
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    Hello Everyone.

    We will be there from 10th til 24th for our wedding and honeymoon. We are coming from the Isle of Wight!

    Look forward to seeing you all there.

    Vikki and Leo xx

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    We'll be there 12-19 for our honeymoon! First timers, and very excited! Mike & Andrea - Fort Wayne, IN

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