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    Default CSA review similar to CN review

    We are 7 time repeaters. This was our 3rd trip to CSA and we have been to CN 4 times. We decided to go to CSA this year to check out the remodel. The grounds and beach are amazing. We did experience the same disappointments mentioned on the most recent CN review. The staff were not as friendly as what we are accustomed to and we felt they were understaffed in most areas. The entertainment staff was great! We love the nightclub and the new rooms are very comfortable. We we will, of course, be back to either CSA or CN this year. We think both resorts have something special to offer. They have different "feels".

    This is the first time out of all of our trips we heard similar complaints, while we were on the trip, from other repeaters.

    Hopefully things will get back to the way they were.

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    Having never been to either CSA or CN can you please tell me what you mean by different "feels". We are planning a trip in April 2010 and are having a hard time deciding between the two.


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    CSA is more rustic elegance in my opinion, the wooden slats on the windows, the suites with no hallways like a hotel, the resort is spread out so it never feels crowded...CSA is not really centered around anything like CN is around the pool. I feel that it is more romantic and laid back, there is nightlife (aura, piano bar, casino, patois bar) if you are looking for it....The BEACH is longer and outstanding but I am partial to CSA.

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    I just want to say one thing before I respond to the different "feels" remark.

    The resorts are amazing and we had a great time. The only reason complaints have been made, in my opinion, is Couples has set such a high standard that every time you go back you expect, or hope for, the same standard as the last time you went.

    The feel comes from the size. I agree with everything EinWI said except that we think CN is more romantic and intimate because it is smaller. Both beaches are great but CSA is a lot bigger. We like the swim up pool better at CN than at CSA. They are similar but there is more room at CN's pool. So when it gets crowded you have more elbow room.

    If you are into exercising, CSA is the way to go. The sports complex is great. Although the gym is outside so it gets hot. The gym at CN is indoors and is air conditioned.

    We haven't been able to decide which resort we like better.

    I hope that answered your question. I think no matter which resort you pick you will have a great time.

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