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    Default CSS Wedding

    My fiance and I will be getting married in April and was wondering if there are photos available for the beach and gazebo wedding. I have no idea what the set up looks like.

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    Default Amazing!!!

    We were married April 15th 2009 (so hopefully my husband can remember our anniversary It was SO great!! At first I was SET on a beach wedding but then decided on the gazebo after seeing it. Everything was more than I could have dreamed of!! We are going back this year April 9-17...Super excited!! Good luck and if you have any questions...feel free to ask! May all your dreams come true!! -tasha
    here are some pics of the wedding and our trip:

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    We were married at CSS April 16th, 2008 in the gazebo. Can't wait to go back home there for our honeymoon this April. Whether you choose the gazebo or the beach you can't go wrong. Here's a link to some pictures we've taken on our trips to CSS that show both places: The good thing is that you don't have to decide before you get there since you have to be in Jamaica 2 working days before you can get married. That will give you plenty of time to scope out the resort and choose the place that's perfect for you to be married. Nadia is a wonderful wedding planner and will help make your selections and wedding truly magnificient! Congratulations and best wishes on your wedding,

    Bart & Bug

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    I love your pics. They are gorgeous. We are getting married at CSS 5/5/10. I want to get married in the gazebo. Do you remember the name of your resort photographer? You have the prettiest pics that I have seen in the gazebo.

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    Thank you very much!!! His name was Orlando...he was great, he will do anything you ask for poses you would like to do and has alot of ideas himself. We also had the video done too as it was only the two of us...The music is kinda cheesy but it was edited really well and shows some of the resort. We were really glad we added that, its something we will have forever. So you are getting married in May- How EXCITING!!! You are going to be SO happy you chose to get married there- Best Wishes!! -tasha

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    Is your video on the message board anywhere? I can't seem to find it. I appreciate you getting back with me. We are really excited. I am counting down the days. One more thing, were your flowers an upgrade?

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    We were married in the CSS gazebo and thought it was beautiful and romantic and intimate. The decorations were lovely which I hope these pics show:

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    Those are gorgeous pics. I would love to see more than just those two if you don't care to post them.

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    Here is a link to our slideshow of pictures(still only a fraction of those taken!) Hope you enjoy!

    PS, good choice with CSS, it is beautiful, I think about it every day and would love to go back...I can dream!


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