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    Default welcome party??

    All my guests are arriving on the same day, and I was wanting to do some kind of welcome get together for everyone. Just wondering if I should have everyone meet at one of the bars for drinks, or if I should do the cold appetizers? Does anyone know where the locations are for the hot and cold appetizers? Also wondering if any other brides have done this before?


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    I'm kind of confused by your question but I don't think you can get the cold/ hot appetizers unless you're referring to your reception. They don't have appetizers just sitting out or a place where you can order them for a party, just when you eat dinner. But you might ask Debbie Hall if there's anyway you can get some made for your welcome party but I'm sure they'll charge you as they would for the reception since it's not included in anything. Or you could just meet for drinks, eat a nice dinner together, and there's several places you could take your party kind of secluded from everyone else. Just a thought...

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    Yeah, I knew that I would have to pay extra for the food, but drinks would do just fine too. Do you suggest a certain bar at CSA that would be a good spot to have everyone meet at?

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    I wanted to do that too. I had 7 couples, but we all ended up being so hungery we sat down and ate, and after getting up at 3:30 am to catch our flight, it was now 7:00 and we had traveled all day, we were so tired, we just wanted to eat and go to bed.

    BUT, depending on what time you are arriving, the beach bars close about 6:30 and I think that includes the swim up bar. The bar in Patois is open and there is a bar at the Palms. Both those serve dinner, but at the Palms the bar is just steps away from the pool, and you could gather there for drinks. Patois has a nice bar, but they serve dinner, so I don't think there are many cocktail tables you could gather at to drink, just the bar itself, which is very big, but you would be side by side.

    Otherwise, if you arrive early enough in the day, you could hit any of the beach bars, and honestly I didn't count them, but I know there are at least 3.

    Hope that helps.
    married 11/7/09 - CSA

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    My guests all arrived around the same time, they grabbed a quick bite at the Cabana grill, then we all went on the Catamaran Cruise and we all met for dinner at the Palms that evening.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!!

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