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    Default Bad knees...Too many stairs?

    Hi all!
    My fiancee and I are trying to decide which Couples resorts we want to have our wedding at. We love what we've heard about Sans Souci but my fiancee is worried that the stair climbing will be too much for him. Any input as to what the layout is like would be helpful. Thanks!!!

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    At CSS they have van service that will take you from place to place to avoid the stair climbing.
    We never waited more then 5 minutes for a van

    Good luck on your wedding

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    I went with a broken leg took the van if I needed to go somewhere

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    If you plan on spending most of your time on the beach and pool area, book a room in block A or B. My gilfriend had an injured foot one time and switched rooms to Block A because it is right on the beach at ground level. We loved it. Went twice in 6 months and just booked another trip for May.

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    Don't let the stairs steer you away from this great resort, they have a van that will take you from and to at your call, maybe a 5 minute wait but no problem!!

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    Okay I appreciate there is a van. However op also asked what the layout was like. We have booked a one bed oceanview and I have requested 'G' block. So my question is are the steps short in depth ie constant stepping like a set of stairs, or are the long in depth ie you can take a couple of paces before you go up another step.

    My knees are fairly shot so it does concern me slightly, although I am hoping if I shift some weight they may be less painful. The other alternative is to take regular doses of ibuprofen. I would like to walk as much as possible and I don't really want to rely on the van.

    Has anyone got any pics of the steps.

    Many thanks

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    We stayed in G-17.I was on crutches and a hard cast. There was 15 steps to get down to the road for the van to pick me up. I had to sit down and crawl up and down them. I could not make it up or down them on the crutches. The room below ours walked right out to the road no steps. Steps can almost be completely avoided if you so choice.

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    If stairs are an issue book Beachfront, and you will have many less worries...... My knees are not great, but I was fine, we were in G block up at the top and we just took our time. (One thing I will say, when you leave for the day, DON'T forget anything cuz you do NOT want to truck back up) Now if you have had knee surgery or something of that magnitude again I would book Beachfront. We only used the shuttle twice.

    Having said that, they are shorter to normal steps..... Here is a pic of one stairway to give you more of an idea.
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