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    Default Question about Hor's'douvers

    I would like to have the cocktail hour after the ceremony and was wondering other than the hors'd'ouvers if they offer a rum punch as well in the price or would it be extra. What has any other brides had included with the hor's'douvers price per person


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    I got married at CSA on 11/7/09 and we did a cold appetizer reception after the wedding. They provide you with a bartendar and set ups for drinks. I didn't ask for a special punch or drink, but I'm sure you can. Just email Debbie Hall and she can help you. It might be that you request that when you meet with the coordinator on site. And it might not cost a single dime. I had been cooresponding with another bride that got married the day before I did, and I stopped by her reception to say hi, and she had a punch of some sort. But I don't know if it was extra or not.

    By the way the hors doevers (sp?) were absolutely fabulous. They were so good, my husband and I didn't get any. They were all gone and our guests loved them. I have pictures of them and if you like can send to you. just email me at

    Hope that helps.
    CSA 11/7/09

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    Thanks so much for the reply, I have sent you an email!

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    Where was your reception held at, and how long was it for? I'd love to see your pictures.


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