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    I founded Couples on a whim this weekend, trying to find an adult-only all inclusive. I have been lurking on the boards and I am HOOKED and have yet to visit a Couples resort. You all give great tips and advice. I am a review junky! We were married in November and due to living abroad we were only able to have a quicky honeymoon. So I am looking for the perfect place. I am debating between CN and leaning more towards CSA while my husband is leaning towards CN. It seems like whatever we choose we can go wrong....

    Here we come Jamaica! July 2010!!!!

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    Have fun deciding. CSA ROCKS!

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    You are absolutely correct, you can't go wrong with any of the Couples properties!! Welcome to the family of Couples!

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    Don't worry. Both CN and CSA are great. It's a WIN-WIN situation. Having said that, we are going back to CN for our 6th trip this July.

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